Thursday, January 20, 2011


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This is the Red Fort in Agra, near New Delhi.  I first visited it in 1972.  It will be amazing to see it again.


  1. Beautiful blog site......and I am all signed in and bookmarked and ready to go!

  2. Welcome home storybird! Finally the temperatures are warming us.....just in the last week....altho you will still have at least 40* difference to adjust to....not to mention half of the planet's time difference. To fill in the blanks of "Countdown to India"...I came across a book on the return shelf of library called "Holy Cow, An Indian Adventure" by 30something Sarah Macdonald, an Australian who goes to India to be with fiancee. While he is on assignment she begins her spiritual journeys and writes of her and sometimes their travels into every nook and cranny of India. Never judge a book by it's cover holds true....rather crass and garish, her inside journey is anything but. I am sorry to miss g'ma circle this next week....after a month of weather delay, I will be heading south to Oregon Tues or Wed. I would love to see you and hear your first stories......until April then, Namaste and love, Jacquelyn