Sunday, January 23, 2011


Three short sleeves, three long sleeves, everything must cover the behind, pants or long skirts, bathing clothing, two different climates.  Long underwear, hiking boots for the north.  Trekking poles haven't got here yet.  Where is my old one?  Better an old cranky one than none. All the SUPPLEMENTS.  They keep my joints and brain from falling apart. Can't find the hose for the water filter device.  Feeling inept.  Does anyone else have trouble packing for a long and complicated trip? Not really feeling good about the I Pod Touch today.  Praying I run into a congenial person while traveling who will straighten me out. Of course it won't do me much good at all if I can't recharge it somehow.  So maybe I'll take a book or two.  Just in case.  Oh dear.  Too much stuff already!!!  HELP!!!!!


  1. ewwww, gives me a nervous tummy reading this.
    And, I think, I am glad I am staying here, holding down the rock, feeding the crow families, shall I take a portable dinner over to Vance some night? I don't really know him...not sure if he needs his privacy after hours.
    And now, what can I do to be of help to you?
    I have never seen an I pod up close.
    If it were me, I would leave all supplements except emergenC behind. Too much to track and schlepp. Who is that patron saint of journeys? Christopher? Well, now is the time to call on such helpers. Yeah, go simple and what you need, really need, will show up on the way. I will be here as island ground crew...
    tracking you like you were St Nick making his rounds!

  2. this is a meditation trip. breathe. close your eyes. breathe.